Shadows of colour

Critical Essay
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Via Solferino, Art Basel, Miami FL.

Like a space ship among the clouds above the blue planet, like the oranges of Sicily, like the waves breaking on island rocks, the works of Gigi Rigamonti represent an are a celebration of life, touches of violent, blinding colours, that halt for a while the ill-fated din of a planet, triturated by egoism, arrogance and despair.
What is it really ? A temporary abstraction or a life style?

The three-dimensional, sculptural painting of Gigi Rigamonti, accompanied by colours thatrecall those of Matisse, Kandinsky, and Mondrian, willingly cover the herd of words, facts and images of daily fatigue.
It goes far away from noises and transforms colours into notes. As though they were scores without any leitmotiv, the surrealist automatism which intervenes in the small hours, Rigamonti cannot stop his hand from drawing in note books or painting on white canvas, so fast. A streak of ironic humour accompanies his works which, by using bodies, objects and experimental materials, is 360° degrees open. A painting is not just a painting. His most recent works are movable objects, mobile paintings, friendly presences in his own domus.

“May the entire nature of the universe listen to the Celebration. And You, oh Earth, open yourself, let each bolt of rain open for me, and you trees do not shake yourselves. I am going to celebrate the Lord and His creation, All and One. Open up oh skies, and stop blowing, winds.” So proclaimed Ermete Trimegisto.

A note of nobility follows Rigamonti’s development, free from fixed rulesand worldly obligations. The drive that gives motion to a magmatic activity in perpetual evolution is an anarchical reflection on existence as well as a celebration of the five elements that seem to be compressed all together in his works. His painting becomes a thin body of human dimensions. It follows us, obsesses us. It makes itself free. Sometimes news items, strong and uncontrollable, storm into the warm colours so we can observe the fateful symbols of our time: fragments of newspapers and images able to wear down the spirit of the world. Despite this the tones of orange, red, yellow, blue and green bury the traces of a present that is too heavy, impossible to accept, understand and to assimilate.Thus art becomes a therapy, the key to bypass the inevitable, to understand and overcome.

For Rigamonti, art is a form of meditation, a moment of detachment and of the absolute, of abstraction and communication. Like in a wonder land, art works absorb the light, the storms as well as humours and the air. Like an instinctive writing, they are born at every time of day and night, in a dusty metropolis as in the beautiful desert of a rocky coast on a winter morning. Drinking a Cuba-libre in a bar or in the half-light of his own home, his works underline the simple daily life, ordinary moments which they born from, grow and develop like salutary shadows. The perpetual strength of Mediterranean culture and nature is always present in every canvas, their endless strength borne by the immateriality of a vanishing cloud.

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